Confirmed: Chris Brown’s ‘Fortune’ Delayed

As the age old adage goes, good ‘Fortune’ comes to those who wait. And ‘wait’ is what fans of Chris Brown will have to do. For, after weeks of speculation, the Pop star has confirmed that the release of his 5th studio album has been pushed back.

Details after the jump…

The news comes via the 22 year old’s Twitter page, where he announced today that the eagerly awaited LP (formerly due on May 8th) will now arrive on…
July 3rd 2012


Granted the album is increasingly moving further and further from its initial March store date, we can’t say we’re averse to it. For, unlike the delays which plague many a flop project, the one’s here appear both necessary and well-thought out.

Yes, ‘Strip’ and ‘Turn Up The Music’ performed well, yet for an album which is shaping up to be the comeback Chris has been working so hard to achieve, a solid pre-release setup is a must. And with him currently touring Australia and no new videos conjured up since ‘Turn Up The Music’, an early May release would have been a T.K.O.

Hence, expect new singles, visuals and performances (hello BET Awards?) going into the LP’s new release window. Exciting times! Though, perhaps most titillating is the fact that Chris, Usher, and Justin Bieber will now all be releasing within the same June/Summer window. Who do you think will come out on top – beyond, of course, their respective record labels?
Your thoughts?

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