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Pusha T Sounds Off on Lil Wayne Beef, Chris Brown vs. Drake

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In addition to revealing the release date for the G.O.O.D. Music compilation, Pusha T weighed in on a number of hot topics during his interview with Funkmaster Flex. Find out what he thought of “Ghoulish,” Lil Wayne’s response to his fiery record “Exodus 23:1,” and whether Kanye West has taken interest in his beef with Young Money. Plus, does he support Nicki Minaj’s decision to cancel her Summer Jam performance and what does he make of the Chris Brown vs. Drake drama? You may be surprised by his answers.

On whether we will see another Clipse album: “Definitely. A lot of people get that twisted and they say, ‘You and your brother broke up.’ We can’t break up, we brothers. It doesn’t happen that way. He went and did his book and I went on a solo venture. We definitely coming back with another Clipse album.”

On Nicki Minaj vs. Hot 97: “Let’s call a spade a spade. [Peter] Rosenberg attacked her. Rosenberg was doing him, but that’s what he does. He’s an outspoken guy, everybody knows that. … I definitely would have performed, just for the sake of my fans. I know Rosenberg’s personality well enough to know that this is what comes with the territory. It’s a cruel world out here. Everybody got their own opinions. When Rosenberg disses me, I’ma black out in a verse immediately the best way I know how.”

On Young Money’s decision to boycott Summer Jam: “I thought it showed a real level of camaraderie by her listening [to Wayne] and not performing, and sort of banding together like, ‘Yo, we ain’t doing it.’ There was some solidarity there. I thought that was fresh.”

On his song “Exodus 23:1,” which is believed to be aimed at Drake: “I was surprised by anybody, Wayne specifically, answering ‘Exodus.’ I’ve never seen one record that didn’t say a name cause so much of a firestorm.”

On what he thought of Wayne’s “Ghoulish” response: “It was horrible. It was trash. It wasn’t great.”

On why he hasn’t responded: “I haven’t said anything about it ’cause I didn’t think it was good enough to respond to.”

On Wayne saying there’s no beef: “He’s already said what he’s said. At the end of the day, I think him saying what he said was in his best interest, to admit that you were emotional in reacting to something. I still want to know what part pertained, what hit you? I wanna know.”

On whether he’s spoken to Kanye about the feud: “I don’t talk to ‘Ye about rappers. I blacks out. I get busy. I stand by myself. We ain’t talked about it once.”

On the Chris Brown vs. Drake beef: “I would have never thought that the two was at it like that. I really wouldn’t have put them together and that whole situation. I didn’t like it. You know Chris from Virginia. I ain’t like that. You know, bottles and cuts and all that… That’s weak.”

Chris Brown Fosters New Talent on CBE Label

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Chris Brown has weathered the ups and downs of the music industry, and now he’s sharing his knowledge with a group of budding stars. During an interview with Fuse, the R&B superstar introduced his Chris Brown Entertainment (CBE) roster, which includes singer-rapper Kevin McCall, rock diva Sabrina Antoinette, former RichGirl member Sevyn, rock group UgLy, and singer Joelle James, who he signed to Interscope after hearing her on YouTube.

As CEO and mentor of the label, he looks out for his artists and makes sure they don’t get a raw deal. “I want to make sure that every artist I work with is happy and they get a fair chance because we doing all the work,” said Breezy.

But if you’re looking to get signed by the CBE boss, just don’t approach him on the streets with your CD. “I hate that. I’ll listen to it, but nine times out of 10 it’s trash,” he laughed.

Chris Brown Talks Ancient Aliens, Michael Jackson, & His Legacy

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With two weeks to go before his album Fortune drops, Chris Brown granted a rare interview to Fuse. He discussed how “ancient aliens” inspired the cover artwork, some of his collaborators including Nas and Diplo, pioneering a new concept for iTunes, and dealing with the changing music industry, while throwing in some expletives to get his point across.

During the sit-down with Esteban, Breezy also reminisced about performing “Thriller” for his idol Michael Jackson and a collaboration that was in the works. Plus, find out what legacy he hopes to leave behind.

On his album artwork: “You can see on the album cover, it’s like a code. That’s an encryption for my fans. I wanted to do something different because I’m into ancient aliens. I like being stuff that’s other than what everybody expects. … When they look in the booklet, they’ll see the different code. Some of it says I love Team Breezy or it’ll say certain things directed to them and they’ll know it if they break the code.”

On what Fortune means: “I wanted Fortune to be the blessing of having it. It’s not money, wealth for me. It’s basically the blessing of being able to do it. I’m fortunate to do it. I want everything to be top notch.”

On his “rarities and B-sides” concept: “I have a gang of records, so what I do is I give ‘em to iTunes. Instead of releasing it free, for a lesser price you get it. It gives the artist a chance to get the exposure that they need. … Instead of going through the label riff-raff and all the bull, let’s split the royalty and do it like this so we both get paid. The industry is so broke that it’s starting to kill our creative side.”

On the shifts in the music industry: “I started when they had the $600,000, $800,000 video budgets. My ‘Run It!’ video was around that. Now you get it where people are like, ‘We got $50,000.’ It’s really killing us in a sense because nobody believes in the brand anymore. If we don’t do it, who gon’ do it? So I’m like f**k it, I’ma do it myself.”

On performing for and meeting Michael Jackson: “That was probably one of the greatest moments in my career ’cause I got a chance to perform for him. People loved the performance. I went backstage and met him. He said hi to my mom. He was respectful. It was just one of those great times in my life.”

On a collaboration with the King of Pop: “Me and him had talked countless times through our people. We were working on records and we were working on some stuff. But God has other plans.”

On following in MJ’s footsteps: “My legacy is not to be Michael Jackson, but to just be me. … I want to make him proud. I don’t want to make it an effort to copy because I hate clones, so I don’t want to be a clone.”

Enter Chris Brown’s ‘Fortune’ Scavenger Hunt – Clue #2

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With his album Fortune two weeks away, Chris Brown is taking Team Breezy on a scavenger hunt. The R&B superstar will be dropping clues across the web and if you can correctly answer his questions, you may win some cool items from Breezy’s personal collection or the ultimate grand prize, a trip to one of his favorite cities. You can find clue #2 right here on

Clue #2: In his music video for “Strip,” Chris Brown is wearing a cap by which hockey team?

Prize: Custom autographed hat worn by Chris during his electrifying performance of “Kiss Kiss” at the 2007 American Music Awards.

Think you know the answer? If so, click here to enter.

Find out how to play and read the official rules.

Chris Brown Unlocks ‘Fortune’ Commercial

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Chris Brown drums up anticipation for his fifth album Fortune with a suspenseful commercial. One of the younger members of Team Breezy walks through an abandoned warehouse, dodging shadowy figures before pulling a glowing cube from his knapsack. The mysterious object unlocks a secret code, which reveals Chris Brown himself. The singer quickly disappears into dust, leaving behind a copy of Fortune and an awestruck fan.

New Music: Chris Brown – ‘Calypso’

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Nearly two years after first teasing the song, Chris Brown’s “Calypso” finally surfaces. The ladies’ man oohs and aahs over the sultry, guitar-laced cut. The Polow Da Don-produced track will go on sale at digital retailers on Tuesday. Get swept away by his seductive sound.

Father’s Day Candids: Chris Brown, Andre 3000, Young Jeezy, Game, Swizz Beatz

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The dads got their due this Father’s Day as celebrities paid tribute to the father figures in their lives. Chris Brown took a break from his busy schedule and returned home to spend the day with his pops.

Fresh from Ireland where he was shooting the Jimi Hendrix biopic All Is by My Side, André 3000 joined his OutKast partner-in-rhyme and fellow father Big Boi for a poolside party with their kids.

Young Jeezy kicked it with his son and his mother, who he presented with Louis Vuitton luggage for her birthday. Game received a framed photo of his family from his daughter Cali Dream. The Weeknd poured out some Hennessy with Drake’s father Dennis Graham. Jaden Smith and his famous father Will posed together for a father-son pic, while Swizz Beatz enjoyed some fun in the sun with his wife and youngest son Egypt.

See how some of hip-hop and R&B’s biggest stars spent their Father’s Day.