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Chris Brown Declines Plea Deal in D.C. Assault Case

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Chris Brown has rejected a plea deal in connection to his alleged assault in Washington, D.C.

The R&B superstar appeared in a D.C. courtroom on Wednesday with his bodyguard, who also declined the plea deal. The prosecutor had offered to reduce the charge to simple assault, but Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos, turned it down.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that they have found surveillance video of the incident. However, they haven’t turned it over to Geragos, who wants to see the footage before cutting any kind of deal.

In October, Brown was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault after a man claimed the singer punched him outside the W Hotel. At the time, he was on probation for the 2009 attack on Rihanna.

As a result of the charge in Washington, a judge revoked Brown’s probation in California. In November, an L.A. judge ordered him to serve 90 days in rehab and perform at least 24 hours of community labor per week.

Brown and his bodyguard are due back in court on February 20.

Album Review: Chris Brown -F.A.M.E.

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Fame. It is earned by people for either remarkable achievement or scandalous behaviour. However, for Chris Brown it occurs as a result of both.

Whether being praised for his brilliant live performances or scolded for his notorious actions, Brown has been the focus of media attention since his debut. However, the entertainer has managed to channel these pressures into a body of work that may very well be his album to date.

Aptly entitled ‘F.A.M.E’, the 13-track LP demonstrates the versatility of an artist who, regardless of the tabloid headlines, has both the talent and passion to become a lasting figure in the music industry.

Experimenting with an array of sounds, Brown gives listeners the opportunity to hear the full extent of his artistry on ‘F.A.M.E’. On songs such as the club-thumping Pop single, ‘Yeah 3x’, and its infectious followup, ‘Beautiful People (Ft. Benny Benassi)’, he ventures further into the genre of Dance/Pop; a seemingly natural progression for a performer who scored a massive hit with ‘Forever’ from his ‘Exclusive’ album in 2008.

Yet, unlike most of his peers, Brown has not abandoned his Urban roots in favour of finding success on the Pop bandwagon. Instead, he provides a healthy mix of material that features several Hip-Hop and R&B tracks, most of which he co-wrote himself.

Brown flexes his rap skills alongside Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne on ‘Look At Me Now’ and while he is certainly outshone by his more experienced guests, his delivery over the Diplo-produced beat is quite impressive. Thankfully, however, Brown keeps the focus on singing for the rest of the album, hopefully giving his rhymes a break until his next mixtape.

Those hoping to hear the capabilities of Brown’s voice would enjoy songs such as ‘Up To You’, ‘No BS (Ft. Kevin McCall)’ and ‘Should’ve Kissed You’. Unfortunately, on what is possibly Brown’s best vocal showing to date, ‘All Back’ is unpleasantly diluted with studio effects that shroud his voice behind distracting distortions.

Indeed, most of the additions to this album actually weaken it instead of helping Brown’s cause, a point that also applies to his collaborators. Justin Bieber’s flat, emotionless and blatantly annoying attempts at singing almost ruins the drum-driven ‘Next To You’ which was brilliantly produced by The Messengers.

On the unexpected hit ‘Deuces’ Kevin McCall does his best impersonation of Drake but the result is as interesting as one of the songs on Lil Kim’s ‘Black Friday’. Even Ludacris sounds awkward and out of place on ‘Wet The Bed’; a far cry from the brilliance of his classic hit ‘Splash Waterfalls’. Both records truly sound as though Brown is carrying his guests across the finish line and could have only benefited with the omission of their verses.

Other stumbles on the album include the ill advised Michael Jackson sample on ‘She Ain’t You’ as well as the confusing ‘Say It With Me’ which was clearly over-produced.

Still, regardless of a few missteps, Brown delivered a solid album with ‘F.A.M.E’. As he continues to find himself as a songwriter and diversify his audience, Brown proves his true dynamism as an artist.

Once consumers manage to look pass the media propaganda, he could very well enjoy similar success to Usher’s Grammy Award-winning ‘Raymond vs Raymond’ LP. Fans may be his everything as the ‘F.A.M.E’ acronym suggests but a platinum plaque and Grammy gold would certainly be an enjoyable bonus.


Chris Brown: “I Want ‘F.A.M.E’ To Sell A Million – First Week”

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Chris Brown certainly has high hopes for his fourth studio album ‘F.A.M.E’. During a recent interview to promote the record, which arrives in stores next Tuesday, the singer told Hot 97’s Angie Martinez that he hopes the LP sells a million copies first week.

His comments below…

“I wouldn’t consider it jinxing myself, but I always dream big. I wouldn’t have thought when I was 15 I would be able to do this music. I would love to just solidify that, as much as ya’ll wanna keep talking about stuff, bringing stuff up, ya’ll can’t stop (me and) my music.”

“I would love to do like a mill the first week, honestly. And that’s really pushing, and I know that’s pushing, but I’m happy with anything I sell. If I sell 100,000 like last time, I’m cool. My last Graffiti album was only 100,000, but it was a lot more added to it back then,” he added referring to the media frenzy surrounding ‘the incident’ – which at that time had only happened a few months prior.

However, Brown acknowledges the present to be much more optimistic a time for him, saying “right now it’s a more comfortable position. People are accepting the music now.”

…which begs the question; how much do you think Chris will sell first week?


Review On Chris Brown F.A.M.E.(2011)

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The acronym apparently stands for “Forgiving All My Enemies”, a typically self-pitying claim on the moral high ground from someone who, lest we forget, was convicted of assaulting a woman.

Isn’t forgiveness something Brown should be requesting, rather than bestowing? But that’s the topsy-turvy mindset of US R&B for you, a world characterised, on this showing, by paranoia, reproach and bogus regret, along with the standard “aspirational” bragging about money and sex. F.A.M.E. is equal parts bubblebath boudoir soul and more bullish beat-driven floor-fillers, tricked out with familiar guests like Timbaland and Justin Bieber, the most lively of which is Busta Rhymes’s babble-rap over the Clangers-style bleeps of “Look at Me Now”. As regards originality, the use of a Michael Jackson sample on “She Ain’t You” shows how hard Brown’s trying.

Behind the Video: Big Sean f/ Chris Brown – ‘My Last’

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Big Sean headed to the Hollywood Hills with Chris Brown to film the music video for “My Last,” the first single off his debut Finally Famous, in stores May 3. The TAJ-directed clip, which features a cameo from Sean’s G.O.O.D. Music labelmate Kid Cudi, focuses on the struggle that each artist faced in coming from the bottom to the top.

“The whole concept of the video, it’s not just no regular party shit. We up in the hills. The song is a monumental song. It is a party record, but at the same time, it’s lettin’ people know we worked for this shit,” explained Sean. “We reflecting back on life. You’re gonna see a lot of scenes from how I was grinding to get here and that’s what a lot of people leave out. Then you’re gonna see how it is now, how we’re living now.”

Big Sean: BTS Of “My Last” Featuring Chris Brown from Young Sav + Steve-O on Vimeo.


Chris Brown Talks Naked Pictures With ‘Big Boy’s Neighborhood’

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Chris Brown recently visited ‘Big Boy’s Neighborhood’ to promote his upcoming ‘F.A.M.E’ album which hits stores on March 22nd. During their talks, the singer jokingly revealed how he took his infamously leaked naked pictures in which he was “not excited”.

Check out what Brown had to say about the images below:


Hot Shot: Chris Brown Does Vogue Italia

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R&B star Chris Brown poses it up for Vogue Italia in this exclusive shot he shared with fans moments ago on Twitter.

Look out for the full shoot, as well the release of Brown’s new LP ‘F.A.M.E’ within the next week.

New Photos :Chris Brown Hosts Secret Listening for Team Breezy in L.A.

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Chris Brown expressed gratitude to his loyal fans by inviting them to an intimate listening session at Playhouse Hollywood in L.A. on Monday (March 14). The blond singer posed for photos and signed autographs for Team Breezy members at the private event, the first of several planned around the world.

Team Breezy consists of a worldwide gathering of fans whose mission is to get his music heard by more people using viral resources. After each team leader completes grassroots missions on his behalf, their team is rewarded with a listening party in their city.

Breezy has recorded an exclusive song entitled “All About You,” which will be featured on the digital deluxe edition of F.A.M.E. A video for the song has also been shot in the backyard of his Virginia home. Furthermore, Team Breezy is credited as executive producers on his fourth album, arriving March 22.

More listenings will be held this week in Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and New York City.

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On a mild January afternoon outside a dilapidated Mexican restaurant in downtown Los Angeles, Chris Brown ambles up to a freshly painted mural by street artist Kid Zoom and starts giving the spectacular artwork a run for its money. With his white painter’s jumpsuit folded down and tied at the waist—revealing tattoos that span his torso and arms, including a shoulder-seated Jesus, two nipple-encircling angel wings, and the chest-crowning phrase symphonic love—the 21-year-old singer starts busting a few casual moves that soon have Kid Zoom and the rest of Brown’s small entourage madly snapping BlackBerry photos. For three minutes, all eyes are riveted by the series of flips and Capoeria kicks that Brown somehow freezes at the apex, his whole body hanging in mid-air long enough for him to flash broad, boyish smiles for the cameras.

Suddenly, a Spanish-accented, female voice cuts in from the sidelines: “Excuse me!” Eyes turn to find a very pregnant woman standing on the corner holding a children’s book. She points at Brown and then at the book, and calls out, “I’m about to go give birth and I want him to sign this!” Brown looks, does a double-take, yells, “Oh shit!” and runs over to oblige. The woman thanks him profusely, snaps the book shut, and dashes around the corner—presumably straight to the hospital. “Don’t run!” Brown shouts after her. “You’re pregnant!” He laughs and looks at his videographer. “You get that?” Read the rest of the interview here


Behind The Scenes: Chris Brown’s Page Six Photoshoot

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Chris Brown brought his passion for art to the New York Post’s Page Six magazine in a recent photoshoot. Posing at the New York City Opera Gallery, ‘Yeah 3x’ performer posed with pieces by some of his favourite artists, giving readers a glimpse into the mind of Breezy.

Look below for more images as well as a behind the scenes glimpse of the spread: