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On a mild January afternoon outside a dilapidated Mexican restaurant in downtown Los Angeles, Chris Brown ambles up to a freshly painted mural by street artist Kid Zoom and starts giving the spectacular artwork a run for its money. With his white painter’s jumpsuit folded down and tied at the waist—revealing tattoos that span his torso and arms, including a shoulder-seated Jesus, two nipple-encircling angel wings, and the chest-crowning phrase symphonic love—the 21-year-old singer starts busting a few casual moves that soon have Kid Zoom and the rest of Brown’s small entourage madly snapping BlackBerry photos. For three minutes, all eyes are riveted by the series of flips and Capoeria kicks that Brown somehow freezes at the apex, his whole body hanging in mid-air long enough for him to flash broad, boyish smiles for the cameras.

Suddenly, a Spanish-accented, female voice cuts in from the sidelines: “Excuse me!” Eyes turn to find a very pregnant woman standing on the corner holding a children’s book. She points at Brown and then at the book, and calls out, “I’m about to go give birth and I want him to sign this!” Brown looks, does a double-take, yells, “Oh shit!” and runs over to oblige. The woman thanks him profusely, snaps the book shut, and dashes around the corner—presumably straight to the hospital. “Don’t run!” Brown shouts after her. “You’re pregnant!” He laughs and looks at his videographer. “You get that?” Read the rest of the interview here