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Chris Brown Gets Out Of Parking Tickets … 95 Parking Tickets!

Posted in Parking Tickets, with tags , on September 10, 2011 by breezyworld2

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Such a deal!

Chris Brown got cut a MAJOR break this week as a judge dismissed 95 out of the 117 parking tickets he was cited over the last several weeks.

If Chris was asked to pay the full charges, he would’ve bene bank rolled for $15K, all for parking in a handicapped space at his L.A. condo.

Yeah, that little dude in the chair doesn’t mean just any guy with wheels can park in that spot.

He’s still on the hook for 22 of the citations, but Chris’ lawyer argued that the space in question was assigned to Chris’ apartment from the beginning and Chris wasn’t doing anything wrong by parking there.

And never did Chris think to himself, “Maybe I should have someone bring up this oversite to the property owners?”

Nah! Why should he have?!

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