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Chris Brown Confronts Raz B Over ‘Tell All Book’ Scandal

Posted in Chris Brown, Raz B, with tags , , on May 27, 2012 by breezyworld2

Two days ago, B2K alum Raz B found himself back under the gaze of media when excerpts from his alleged tell all book emerged online.

Excerpts, which made a number of sensational claims regarding his dealings with Chris Brown, Ray J,Bow Wow and his one time band mates.

While That Grape Juice won’t dignify these baseless allegations by shedding any more light on them, we can say they are pretty damning.

So damning, Brown has responded to them via Twitter.

His comments below…

Chris Brown:

Lying about somebody in a book is called defamation of character.

Keep feeding people bullsh*t and ima end up owning you and that book! RAZ B! God bless

Minutes after tweeting the last sentence, Brown backtracked by deleting it- but to no avail, as it had already been Re-tweeted by a number of his followers. Some of whom responded with:
Nicholas A-S ‏@4everVirgo_NAS

“@chrisbrown: Keep feeding people bullsh*t and ima end up owning U n that book! RAZ B! Godbless” Come on Breezy take no notice.#PutItDown
Julius ;* ‏@Waikikiiiiiiiii

clearly Raz B is obsessed with Chris Brown and wanna be just like him, but…. it’s not gonna happen so Raz B, please…. SIT! —>__/
jamila ‏@Mila_shanell92

Lol Chris Brown might as well not have deleted that tweet it won’t no point, mad ppl already retweeted it so its still out there lol.
Micɑiɑh Mungɑi ‏@DontPissMicaOff

Chris Brown Is So F*cking Immature. Why Is He Stooping Down To Raz B’s Level?