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Grammy awards: Chris Brown’s F.A.M.E. wins best R&B album

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Singer Chris Brown’s F.A.M.E. was announced as the best R&B album at the 54th Grammy awards presentation ceremony in Los Angeles.

F.A.M.E. is Brown’s fourth album.

The album beat other nominees in the category — Second Chance (El DeBarge), Love Letter (R. Kelly), Pieces Of Me (Ledisi) and Kelly (Kelly Price).

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Photos : Chris Brown Performs on the Today Show!

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18,000 of Brown’s followers showed up to see him perform this morning live on the Today Show and actually set a record for attendance.

Many of them camped outside since yesterday holding signs that read “Team Breezy.” Chris performed hits off his F.A.M.E album and a few other classics for the record


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Bobby Brown Thoughts On Chris Brown!!!

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R&B star Bobby Brown has had his fair shares of ups and downs during his career and knows all too well what it’s like to get a chance or two to redeem himself. That’s why it’s no surprise that he feels Chris Brown deserves a break and a chance to get back on his feet and redeem himself.

In a recent interview with Street Disciplez Radio, Bobby said of Chris:

“Chris Brown just give that brother a break, because we don’t know what happened between them in that relationship. We don’t know what went on between them, too. I think Chris Brown is a talented artist. I think Chris Brown deserves a second chance, no matter what. Because he’s young and he’s talented.

“Rihanna is doing her thing, Rihanna moved on and people need to move on with what happened between their relationship. And, I think Chris Brown deserves a second chance.

“Compared to things I’ve been convicted of, Chris Brown is a baby. Chris Brown is a good brother and I wish him the best. We need an artist like him. Kids need an artist like him.”

Bobby Brown does have a point. Chris Brown deserves a second chance, especially when you’ve got loons like Charlie Sheen running around still scoring gigs!
What are your thoughts?

Chris Brown Talks Naked Pictures With ‘Big Boy’s Neighborhood’

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Chris Brown recently visited ‘Big Boy’s Neighborhood’ to promote his upcoming ‘F.A.M.E’ album which hits stores on March 22nd. During their talks, the singer jokingly revealed how he took his infamously leaked naked pictures in which he was “not excited”.

Check out what Brown had to say about the images below:


Behind The Scenes: Chris Brown’s Page Six Photoshoot

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Chris Brown brought his passion for art to the New York Post’s Page Six magazine in a recent photoshoot. Posing at the New York City Opera Gallery, ‘Yeah 3x’ performer posed with pieces by some of his favourite artists, giving readers a glimpse into the mind of Breezy.

Look below for more images as well as a behind the scenes glimpse of the spread:


Chris Brown: “I’m Releasing Another Album In 6 Months”

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In what is becoming somewhat of a trend for him, Chris Brown has announced that he plans to release another album this year. This despite ‘F.A.M.E’, his hotly anticipated ’comeback’ effort, still being a week away fro release.


At an exclusive F.A.M.E. album listening party held in Los Angeles last night, Breezy announced plans for a second album to hit stores later this year. “That is the first part of the F.A.M.E album,” Brown told the crowd, which consisted mostly of Team Breezy street team members, after playing the album. “I’m coming out with another album six months later.”

With “over 400 songs” recorded for the new albums, Breezy revealed, he has more than enough new tracks to choose from for the set, tentatively titled Fortune.

Though, as a traditionalist, I’d much prefer Chris ‘work’ the ‘F.A.M.E’ album for the long haul, his still-unstable position in the industry is well-documented. Hence, ’striking while the iron is hot’ may be the way forward for him for now. I mean it is hard to deny his logic when it’s been tried and tested with his numerous mixtape releases and features over the last few years. Sometimes ‘less is more’, yet it’s clear with Chris, the more he puts out there, the more of his fanbase he claims back. Therefore, I say bring on the new music. He’s too talented to be tainted with the mark of what happened; so however many releases it takes for the masses to ‘get’ that, I say so be

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New Chris Brown ‘F.A.M.E’ Promo Pic

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With the release of Chris Brown’s 4th studio album ‘F.A.M.E’ but a few weeks away, new promotional shots for project have begun to surface; case, point, example the image above.

In other Brown news, sources close to the singer’s label, Jive, reveal that the project is a high priority and is slated to span the course of the year.

New Music: Chris Brown f/ Timbaland & Big Sean – ‘Paper, Scissors, Rock’

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Chris Brown plays “Paper, Scissors, Rock” with Timbaland and Big Sean on a cut from the deluxe edition of F.A.M.E., coming March 22. The Auto-Tune-heavy track sees each artist trying to understand why their girls would throw away a good thing. “Is you crazy, did you lose it?/ Are you stupid, are you foolish?/ Girl, I’m the only one like me on the planet/ It don’t take rocket science to understand it,” sings Breezy on the Timbo and J-Roc production.

“I think he’s going to go down as one of the greatest entertainers of all time, by far,” Big Sean previously told of his peer, who sings the hook on his single “My Last.” “He does what he does and he’s my homie, so I’m really proud of him.”

Take part in the trio’s fun and games below.