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Fortune: Chris Brown Rockets To UK #1

Posted in Chris Brown, Fortune, with tags , , on July 9, 2012 by breezyworld2

The Prince Of Pop has struck again.

Yes, after spawning the smash hit single ‘Turn Up The Music‘ and wowing audiences worldwide with his 2012 BET Awards performance, today saw Chris Brown welcome more good news.

For today, his latest album ‘Fortune‘ rose to the top of the UK Albums Chart- marking his first ever #1 album in the country.

More below…

A mind blowing feat considering he hasn’t stepped foot in the country, the LP’s UK success arrives days before it is set to follow suit in the US, where it is also set to hit the top spot.

As if that wasn’t enough, today saw his latest single ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ edge closer to the #1 spot on the UK singles chart, after it rose to #2 on this week’s tally, one spot up from the #3 spot it held last week.


Chris Brown Changes ‘Fortune’ Deluxe Cover

Posted in Chris Brown, with tags , on May 31, 2012 by breezyworld2

After the collective gasp that the followed the unmasking of Chris Brown‘s ‘Fortune (Deluxe)’ cover earlier this mont, it seems the dynamo performer has had a change of heart.

For, freshly revealed today was a brand new revision; one we speak for the masses in saying is infinitely better than its predecessor.

Due July 3rd, ‘Fortune’ is preceded by singles ‘Turn Up The Music’, ‘Sweet Love’, ‘Till I Die’, and ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’.

Is Chris Brown Underrated?

Posted in Chris Brown, with tags , on May 31, 2012 by breezyworld2

In an female dominated chart age, it’s safe to say Chris Brown- alongside Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars- flies the flag for the new generation of the male Pop star.

However, despite being the closest act this generation has to the Janet and Paula’s of the world- by way of choreography and production value- Brown’s craft is oft overshadowed by the controversies.

Controversies,stemming from his split with the supermodel Rihanna in 2009.

So now we ask.

Do you think Chris is underrated?

In an female dominated chart age, it’s safe to say Chris Brown- alongside Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars- flies the flag for the new generation of the male Pop star.

Chris Brown Confronts Raz B Over ‘Tell All Book’ Scandal

Posted in Chris Brown, Raz B, with tags , , on May 27, 2012 by breezyworld2

Two days ago, B2K alum Raz B found himself back under the gaze of media when excerpts from his alleged tell all book emerged online.

Excerpts, which made a number of sensational claims regarding his dealings with Chris Brown, Ray J,Bow Wow and his one time band mates.

While That Grape Juice won’t dignify these baseless allegations by shedding any more light on them, we can say they are pretty damning.

So damning, Brown has responded to them via Twitter.

His comments below…

Chris Brown:

Lying about somebody in a book is called defamation of character.

Keep feeding people bullsh*t and ima end up owning you and that book! RAZ B! God bless

Minutes after tweeting the last sentence, Brown backtracked by deleting it- but to no avail, as it had already been Re-tweeted by a number of his followers. Some of whom responded with:
Nicholas A-S ‏@4everVirgo_NAS

“@chrisbrown: Keep feeding people bullsh*t and ima end up owning U n that book! RAZ B! Godbless” Come on Breezy take no notice.#PutItDown
Julius ;* ‏@Waikikiiiiiiiii

clearly Raz B is obsessed with Chris Brown and wanna be just like him, but…. it’s not gonna happen so Raz B, please…. SIT! —>__/
jamila ‏@Mila_shanell92

Lol Chris Brown might as well not have deleted that tweet it won’t no point, mad ppl already retweeted it so its still out there lol.
Micɑiɑh Mungɑi ‏@DontPissMicaOff

Chris Brown Is So F*cking Immature. Why Is He Stooping Down To Raz B’s Level?

Chris Brown Unveils ‘Fortune’ Deluxe Cover

Posted in Chris Brown, Fortune, with tags , , on May 20, 2012 by breezyworld2

It was all going so well…

Chris Brown unmasked the cover for the deluxe version of his ‘Fortune’ LP today. And yes, we gasped (then laughed) just like you did.

Having served up a solid array of pre-release singles (such as ‘Turn Up The Music’ and co), we’re uber rooting for Breezy. But if this isn’t a Photoshop fail, we’re not sure what is. We’ll stick with the original, thanks.

‘Fortune’ hits stores on July 3rd.

Confirmed: Chris Brown’s ‘Fortune’ Delayed

Posted in Chris Brown, Fortune, with tags , , on April 23, 2012 by breezyworld2

As the age old adage goes, good ‘Fortune’ comes to those who wait. And ‘wait’ is what fans of Chris Brown will have to do. For, after weeks of speculation, the Pop star has confirmed that the release of his 5th studio album has been pushed back.

Details after the jump…

The news comes via the 22 year old’s Twitter page, where he announced today that the eagerly awaited LP (formerly due on May 8th) will now arrive on…
July 3rd 2012


Granted the album is increasingly moving further and further from its initial March store date, we can’t say we’re averse to it. For, unlike the delays which plague many a flop project, the one’s here appear both necessary and well-thought out.

Yes, ‘Strip’ and ‘Turn Up The Music’ performed well, yet for an album which is shaping up to be the comeback Chris has been working so hard to achieve, a solid pre-release setup is a must. And with him currently touring Australia and no new videos conjured up since ‘Turn Up The Music’, an early May release would have been a T.K.O.

Hence, expect new singles, visuals and performances (hello BET Awards?) going into the LP’s new release window. Exciting times! Though, perhaps most titillating is the fact that Chris, Usher, and Justin Bieber will now all be releasing within the same June/Summer window. Who do you think will come out on top – beyond, of course, their respective record labels?
Your thoughts?

New Song: Chris Brown – ‘Till I Die (Ft Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa

Posted in Big Sean, Chris Brown,, Wiz Khalifa with tags , , , on April 10, 2012 by breezyworld2

Chris Brown is in the giving mood.

Tonight, weeks before the release of his new album ‘Fortune‘, the Pop Prince dropped ‘Till I Die‘, a heartfelt cut featuring ‘Dance‘ act Big Sean and Amber Rose sponsor Wiz Khalifa.

Get into ‘Die’ below…